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Hey, ya’ll! How’s your summer going? I hope well! And what about those current temps…yow-za! I’ve been on (what I’d like to call) a Blog Vaca for a few months but I pinky swear to start blogging on a regular basis again. My “big girl” job has just been draining all my energy lately (I realize I use this excuse quite often, but the glamorous world of a Relocation Consultant is no walk in the park, apparently) but i'm finally getting my blog mojo back. Today's post has absolutely no particular purpose, so here goes nothin’:

#1 - I saw Horrible Bosses over the weekend and while I’m a habitual murder tv/movie watcher, this movie brought crime (and comedy) to an entirely new level. Even though you might have to sell a kidney or take out a second mortgage to purchase a movie ticket (gaw-lee those puppies do not come cheap these days) it’s worth the small fortune to see this brilliant movie.

My two biggest Hollywood crushes, Jason Sudeikis & Jason Bateman, absolutely deliver but it’s Charlie from "It’s Always Sunny..." that won my heart.

#2 - I finally gave in and started a Twitter account (@byIvyWed). It’s definitely the easiest way to stalk all my favorite celebs and has way more “status updates” than Facebook has - which is basically the only function I use Facebook for anyways.
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#3 - Speaking of celebrities, Becks and Posh had their baby girl - and named it Harper. Presh. I think it's my new favorite baby name.

#4 - I am no flower child per se, but I have to admit that my inner hippy is starting to really groove this summer. I've even gone as far as making my own “tribal” jewelry. Now, I cannot say this is an original idea (my sweet little roomy tipped me off to this addictive DIY project) but you best believe that all the below designs are mine: Photobucket

#5 - I have found (and basically perfected) the ideal Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I like to pride myself on my baking skills, but I’ve really out done myself this time, ya'll. I followed this simple recipe - except I did 6 minutes on the middle rack and 7 minutes on the top rack. And if you’d like to save the calories and add raisins in lieu of chocolate chips, have at it (although I’m not sure why you’d want to do such a thing. Ew).
these are not the cookies I made. I didn't take a picture but I promise they were very pretty.

#6 - Also, check out the sweet (pun intended) Fourth of July sugar cookies I made:

#7 - My BFF Anna Clark has been in New Zealand for exactly 2 months now. I miss her a lot and wanted to give her a should out. Hey girl! You can follow her cute and very descriptive blog here. Only 10 more months to go. I can do it!
#8 - Eight is my favorite number.

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