wills + kate

April 29th, 2011 is a day that’ll go down in all history books. Today marks the day THE wedding of the year (or decade or century…) took place (aside from all of my fab friends that will get married this year, of course) - congrats Prince Wills & Princess Kate!
I need my beauty sleep so I didn’t see any of the live footage that occurred way too early this morning (thank you DVR), but you can bet your boo-tay that as soon as I turned on my work computer I google stalked the entire British extravaganza (say that word in a british accent, it's fun). I have officially raised my standards.
There are a bazillion blogs & articles that cover the Royal Wedding (even if you tried you can’t avoid this wedding today), so I will not bore you with my commentary - I’ll just show you some of my favorite pictures taken thus far:

images via tumblr and pinterest

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