friday night lights.

Football is perhaps the most popular sport in America, however it is often portrayed negatively in the media due to the overly paid diva-like professionals, over the top stadiums, and the mess that is the BCS. But, despite all of the bad press the pigskin sport receives there are still plenty of places in this country where football’s innocence is motivating and celebrated - for example, West Texas. Which brings me to tell you about my recent discovery that is the greatness of Friday Night Lights, a TV show based off the movie & book about a small town in West Texas that is ran solely on the success of their high school football team (small town drama alert: unethical parenting/coaching decisions made in secrecy help contribute to some of the team’s success). Now, I’m not going to go into detail about what the show entails because I want you to find out for yourself. Please do yourself a favor and watch it.


I’m sure that after reading all of that you are confused as to why I am writing about football on a wedding inspired blog. So, I have to confess that I hope to marry Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins (pictured below) one day - which would make this a subject completely appropriate for a wedding blog (right?!).


Ohh my, my, my ya’ll…be still my heart.

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