tuesday treats: nude hues

When you hear the word "nude" what do you think of? Now I don’t know what pops into your wild mind, but I think of sweet yet sexy stilettos, soft skin-tone colored nails, and barely-there tinted garments. Nude is totally the new white! It matches every single color I can imagine, but unlike white, is in season all year long. Are you in the mood for a little nude?


1. Strapless Jersey Dress CLU $49 2. Sheer Nude Nail Polish Revlon $4.79 3. Over-Sized Sunglasses ASOS $25.10 4. Petite Slab Sleeve Shirt Topshop $40 5. Lace Corsage Headband Topshop $8 6. CYPHERT Bag ALDO $45 7. QUPID Platform Shoes Tilly’s $19.99-24.99

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