tuesday treats: hippie chic

I live for live music and attending SXSW in Austin this past weekend was the perfect launch to my concert-going season (I could have spared the 6.5 hour drive back to Dallas though). I like to believe that in another lifetime I would be a groupie for a rock and roll band, and to channel my inner Penny Lane I’d need to somewhat look the part, right? I did some virtual window shopping and stumbled upon these cool duds I desire to add to my music-fest worthy attire: Photobucket

1. Fringe Cross-Body Bag ALDO $30 2. Love, Hope, Rock & Roll Alloy $26.90-$28.90 3. Gold Peace Ring Endless $48 4. Laisure Boots ALDO $90 $34.99-$41.99 5. Fringe Bib Necklace Hive & Honey $28 $18.99 6. Feather Chandelier Strands Topshop $30 7. Suedette Woven Headband Forever 21 $6.80

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