tuesday treats: valentine's day

It's less than a week until Valentine's Day and those in coupledom are planning their romantic celebration. Girls secretly question the type (and amount) of flowers that will be delivered to her, even though she told her significant other not to get her any. All the while, guys ask themselves: "She said she doesn't want flowers, but does that mean she actually wants them?" (NOTE TO GUYS: if ever pondering this question, always go with the flowers. I'm sorry we're so difficult...it's just part of our nature. I blame it on Eve.)


Then, we have all the single ladies (shout out Beyonce) around the sphere that basically shun the holiday in its entirety. Come to think of it, I think this is only a single girl tradtion. I've never seen a single guy boycott v-day (probably because it'd be kinda douchy if they did).


While on one hand I somewhat dread Valentine's Day, on the other hand I kinda like that there's a day that's all about love, secret admirers and all things romantic. No matter your opinion of the "Hallmark" holiday though, love is certainly in the air and also displayed through tangible pieces, like so:


1. Heart Gloves Nordstrom $9.99 2. Scrabble LOVE Necklace ASOS $17.93 3. Heart Coin Bag eBags $17 4. Ferocious Hearts Earring Set Forever 21 $4.80 5. Koren Heart Sweater dELiAs $9.99 6. Whoopie Pie Heart Pan Crate & Barrel $12.95 7. Heart Umbrella ModCloth $29.99 8. Stila Make Me Blush Macy’s $14 9. Printed Metal Hearts Sunglasses Urban Outfitters $14 10. Heart Soap by Gianna Rose Smallflower $9.90 11. Rock 'n' Roll Love Cuff Max & Chloe $22

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