tuesday treats: super bowl XLV

Natives of the Cheese State and Steel City are starting to make their way to the Metroplex for Super Bowl 45 XLV (I heard the Packers got off their bus wearing cowboy hats...seriously!?) and I wish they left that northeastern winter weather at home. Don't get me wrong, I'm lovin' the snow (er, ice) day, but 15 degree conditions really aren't my thing (plus daytime TV is awful). However, it's still Super Bowl week after all, and the games (and parties) must go on. So, if you're willing to brave the painfully cold weather and attend the star-studded parties or if you prefer to play it safe and hangout on your cozy couch with a glass of pinot noir in hand (for the record I prefer the latter) - here are some ways you can color coordinate, no matter what you do or which team you root for (I'm still deciding that one):


1. Textured Shoulder Bag- Forever 21 $19.80 2. Colorblock Knit Scarf- Forever 21 $8.80 3. High Impact Mascara- Clinique $14.50 4. Stone Wristband- Topshop $30 5. Vintage Style Bow Necklace- ASOS $13.79 6. Stripe Pillar Candle- Crate & Barrel $16.95

7. Floppy Pocket Vest-Topshop $24 8. Nail Polish-Forever 21 $2.80 9. Seafoam Eyeshadow Duo- Stila $20 10. Meridian Marimekko® Madison Pillow- Crate & Barrel $24.95 11. Noho Rectangular Sunglasses- AJ Morgan $25 12. Leather Waist Belt- ASOS $20.69


1. Elastic Headband- PacSun $9.50 2. Leather Shape Necklace- ASOS $20.69 3. Long Sleeve Crop Top- Topshop $20 4. Steeler Hipster Panty- Victoria's Secret $5.99 5. Disco Gold- Lancome $25 6. Chanel Nail Color- Bloomingdale's $25 7. XE-ANTIK Earrings- Steve Madden $18 8. Pomeroy Yellow Candle Pot- Crate & Barrel $12.95 9. Leatherette Trim Bootie- Wet Seal $29.50 $14.75 10. Chewy Chocolate Lollipop™ Bath- Philosophy $16 11. Basketweaved Leatherette Handbag- Forever 21 $27.80

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