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While "blog surfing" this weekend (I live an exciting life, I know) I stumbled across the most endearing blog - To My Wife - and now I'm downright obsessed (with the blog and with the author). This guy will post daily "notes" to his (undetermined) future wife about what their relationship will be like, or won't be like. Sounds cheesy? I admit it is a little, but I promise it's not all hugs and kisses. Actually very few (if any) hugs and kisses are even mentioned. For example - he'll go from promising food, chocolate, romance, wine, and sex on Valentine's Day (I guess he technically mentions kissing) to admitting he farts in bed (pssh, like that's a shocker).


Any who, reading his "notes" got me to thinking about what I would write to my "future husband" (Josh Duhamel, I'm talking to you...sorry Fergs) so I came up with a list to share with you all (and Josh, of course).

Mornings - I swear I'm a morning person, but just give me like 10 minutes to wake up before you talk to me. If you don't follow this rule, can't say I didn't warn you.

Driving - I'm awful at it. You don't have to keep reminding me of that. Actually, you can just drive.

Sports - I love sports. So please invite me to go watch "the game" with you and your friends. I promise I'm fun.

My Team - Speaking of sports...I'm a Texas Tech fan. Not a UT fan and I won't pretend to be. If you are, that's fine (I guess). Just know that I will always most likely be rooting for the opposing team.

Jewelry - Never buy me heart shaped jewelry. If you want to buy me jewelry (and want me to actually wear it) keep it simple, sparkly, and round (i.e. diamond stud earrings). But honestly, I'd rather you save the money and take me on vacation.

Kitchen - I'm not a good cook, but I'm a fantastic baker. I'll work on the cooking part, but in the meantime we can enjoy some seriously delicious desserts.

I Love - Random sweet gestures like - unexpectedly grabbing my hand to hold (in public or not) or leaving me sweet notes (I'll leave them too). I'm such a romantic at heart (insert winky smiley face).

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