ho ho home sweet home.

It's always kind of depressing when we have to take down our Christmas decorations. Although my roommate and I didn't go all out (we had the basics...a faux tree that's decorated with lights and gold ornaments, and paper stockings I made that hung from our mantel and coordinate with our overall color scheme - turquoise & rosy pink. pic below) our condo seems so undressed once Christmas gets packed up and put back in storage.


This year we had a fabulous Christmas wreath that hung on our front door (sorry, no pic). Many (actually just two) neighbors complimented on how pretty it was, and liking the attention (even the smallest amount of attention is enough for this gal), I decided I want to keep something hung on the door year 'round that's just as fab as the wreath was. So, (in true Ivy fashion) I made a trip to Hobby Lobby (where 75% of my paycheck goes) and created a little door decoration of my own.


If you ever find yourself in a crafty mood and want to spiff up your front door, simply follow these instructions:

-3 wooden boards (make sure they're all the same time)
-wooden heart (or whatever shape you want)
-sponge paint brushes (at least 2)
-acrylic paint (color of choice)
-mod podge (I used matte but you can use shiny if you want)
-ribbon (make sure it's pretty wide)
-patterned paper (pattern of choice)
-scissors (not pictured)
- card stock (color of choice. not pictured)
-hot glue gun (also not pictured)

1. paint 3 coats of paint on each wooden board
2. while paint dries on boards, use your modge podge & sponge brush to decoupodge your wooden shape. *I did 2 hearts in case I mess one up, I have another for back-up. plus they were cheap. I also used shiny modge podge so the shape has a different texture than the painted wood.
3. cut out "home sweet home" from your card stock. Or you can stencil the letters if you want. *I found a font I liked online, printed it and traced the letters.
4. once paint is dry, apply 1 layer of matte modge podge on each wooden board and place the letters on top. *make sure to smooth the letters down with your finger or they will bubble up. once letters are dry and bubble free, apply a few more coats of modge podge, allowing time for each coat to dry in between.
5. once modge podge is dry, turn boards over and place them evenly apart. *you can decide how much space you want in between each board. then, hot glue 2 strips of ribbon to hold the boards together, and glue a tied piece of ribbon to the top.
6. when glue is dry, turn project over and it should look like the picture.
7. place your decoupodged shapes wherever you want and hot glue them down.
8. you're finished!

Here's a look at some of my other DIY projects I've done over the past year or so. Sorry, there are no before & after (except for one) or how-to pics and the picture quality is horrendous (darn iPhone camera).

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