wishin' and hopin'.

...and thinkin' and prayin'. Yes, that's the song from My Best Friend's Wedding and I can't get it out of my head because MY best friend is getting married! (you'll probably have that song stuck in your head now, too...my bad) After almost 2 years of dating, Whitney & Jacob are officially engaged (he popped the question the same day Tony Romo proposed to Candice Crawford...such a dude thing to do). I have to give Jacob some major props for picking out the perfect ring without any help from...yours truly.
*Wishin' Whitney & Jacob a life time of happiness*
*Hopin' they enjoy every single minute of being engaged and don't get too caught up in the planning. Don't sweat the small stuff, it's your only time to be engaged. Savor it*
*Thinkin' Whitney is going to be stunning bride and they're going to have gorgeous, blue-eyed babies one day*
*Prayin' that one day I will be as lucky in love as these two are*
(pretend you're holding a glass of champagne)
Cheers to the future Mr. & Mrs. Saunders

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