swan song.

If you've seen the new movie Black Swan you might think I'm a bit crazy & twisted for being inspired by it. Although the overall plot of the movie is quite disturbing, there is absolutely no denying the beauty & elegance the Swan Lake ballet reveals.

Below are my visions of how I'd dress my characters if I were to bring the Swan Lake ballet to real life - via a wedding or formal event. I also included a brief summary of the ballet for those who are not familiar.

{While harmlessly strolling through the forest one day, a Princess is cast under a spell by a wicked Knight and she is cursed to remain a swan during the day, and a Princess only at night - hence her nickname, Swan Princess (original, right?) The only way for Swan Princess to reverse the spell is to find eternal love - which she does...with a Prince (duh).

You'd think they'd live happily ever after, just like every other fairy tale, right? Nope! Through another spell by an evil sorcerer (seriously, Princess must have some harsh enemies), the Prince accidentally proposes to another woman who he believes is the Swan Princess. I present to you...The Black Swan (aka the Princess' non-related, identical, free-spirited, promiscuous twin). The poor, pitiful Princess feels doomed and threatens to kill herself then proceeds to throw herself into the lake, the Prince shortly following. Both die. So tragic, yet oh so romantic. Kind of.}

images via beso

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