always a bridesmaid.

never a Maid-of-Honor - until now that is (I bet you thought I was going to saying something else, which would also be a true statement). As mentioned a few days back, my BFF is getting married and guess who will be standing next to her at the altar (besides the boy she's there to marry)? Moi!!! This just happens to be my debut roll as a MOH, and I couldn't be more honored (ha! I get why they call it that now). Whitney and I have been the best of buddies since the 1st grade, and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed we've been able to remain BFF's this whole time. We've been through it all - like, Brownies (we were never good enough to go beyond that), inexcusable clothing decisions, awful roots (actually, just awful hair in general...thank you CHI. You truly changed my life), going to different colleges (Go Tech!), Eaglette Officers, Spring Breaks (still wonder why our parents let us go), living in Uptown...the list could go on and on.

And now - for your visual satisfaction - here are pictures of some of our greatest memories (please don't judge. we were popular).Photobucket
images via my old box of stuff

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