party all the time.

My social calendar is absolutely bursting with elite and extremely fancy party invites up until New Year's Eve, (insert sarcasm here).

I mean, I have (fabulous) friends and all, but the attire for our get-togethers usually consists of leggings, a cute shirt, and boots OR tacky Christmas attire when the mood strikes. I am attending the Santa Cause Pub-Crawl, and this event definitely doesn't require anything in the "formal attire" category (phew).

But...(there's always a but, right?)

There's always a possibility for that one holiday function that calls for a little extra effort in the wardrobe department and when that invite arrives (I won't hold my breath), I want to be prepared. Here are a few looks I've created that are bound to wow your friends, co-workers, or your smokin' hot date.

images via beso & topshop

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