not your average bride.

I'm much more Uptown Girl than Gothic Chic, but when it comes to Halloween, anything goes. This year I've decided to be the Bride of Chucky (minus the ever-so charming and lovable Groom though). I like to be original when it comes to creating my costumes and I avoid buying pre-packaged costumes at Halloween specialty stores. Here are some items I've been eyeing the past few weeks. Since Halloween is this weekend, it's best I start purchasing some of these (I already bought this though).


1. Velvet Voyeur Nail Polish Essie
2. Rocker Bangles
Forever 21
3. Rip N Tear Thigh Highs
Wet Seal
4. Long Heart Necklace
Forever 21
5. AWOLL Lace-Up Boots

6. Givenchy Magic Khol Eyeliner Sephora
7. Lace Cut-Out Dress
Wet Seal
8. Vamp Lipstick
9. Crinkle Leatherette Jacket
Wet Seal
10. Fingerless Lace Gloves Wet Seal

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